Experience the Ultrasonic 1700W Low Fog Machine in a convenient flight case. This cutting-edge device features two powerful ultrasonic elements that effortlessly transform a mix of smoke fluid and distilled water into an impressive volume of stunning low-lying fog. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of expensive and elusive CO2 dry ice. With low-noise operation, this machine is ideal for theatres and TV studios, ensuring a seamless and atmospheric performance every time.


Ultrasonic 1700W Low Fog Machine in Flight Case.

Two Powerful Ultrasonic Elements Convert The Combination Of
Smoke Fluid And Distilled water Into a Large Amount Of Beautiful Low-Lying Fog.

No More Hassle With Expensive And Hard To Find CO2 Dryice!

Low-Noise Operation: Perfect For Use in Theatres,

The Black Hose is Equipped With
A “Fast Click-ON” System to Significantly Reduce
Installation Time!