Welcome to the realm of home automation

Where convenience, efficiency, and innovation converge to redefine the way you interact with your living spaces. Our comprehensive Home Automation solutions seamlessly blend wired and wireless systems to offer you a tailored smart living experience.

Wired Home Automation:

Step into a world of reliability and control with our Wired Home Automation system. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology such as KNX, a globally recognized standard, we provide a robust and dependable wired network. Manage and customize your lighting, climate, security, and more with precision and efficiency.

Wireless Home Automation:

Experience the freedom of our Wireless Home Automation system, where cutting-edge wireless technologies like Z-Wave and devices like Fibaro create a flexible and intuitive smart living environment. Control and monitor your home from anywhere, enjoying the convenience and adaptability of a wireless setup that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle.

Light from Your Smartphone

Lighting control from your smartphone allows you to manage and customize your home’s lighting remotely and conveniently. With a smart lighting system, you can turn lights on or off, adjust brightness levels, and even change colors—all from the palm of your hand. This level of control not only adds convenience but also enhances security and energy efficiency, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, whether you’re at home or away.

Personalized Ambient Creation

Vast Color Spectrum:

Choose from 16 million colors to personalize your lighting to match your mood or the time of day.

Remote Control:

Easily control your lighting from anywhere in the world, allowing you to set lighting sequences and create the illusion of being home.

Smart Home Integration:

Seamlessly connect your smart lighting with other compatible devices to create intelligent, automated responses to various events.

Experience Tomorrow Today

Control at Your Fingertips:

Easily manage your home environment by turning on lights, adjusting music, or changing room temperature with a tap on your smartphone.

Personalized Schedules:

Wake up to freshly brewed coffee and have your home automatically adjust when you leave for work, providing you with a seamless and intelligent experience.

Voice-Activated Home:

Communicate with your virtual voice assistant to effortlessly control your home, from ordering groceries to solving daily challenges.

Engage with Smart Home

Voice-Activated Smart Home Control:

Effortlessly control your smart home devices with simple voice commands. Whether it’s adjusting lights, setting themes, or managing appliances, your voice is all you need.

Music Streaming Made Easy:

Stream music directly from your smartphone to your Amazon Echo via Bluetooth. Take control of your playlist, change tracks, and adjust volume—all with voice commands.

Your Personal Assistant:

Your Amazon Echo is your personal encyclopedia. Stay updated with the latest news, set reminders, manage schedules, and receive valuable suggestions—all at your command.

Scene Creation

Scene creation in home automation lighting allows you to customize and control the lighting in your home to suit different activities or moods. With scene creation, you can create presets that adjust multiple lights to specific brightness levels and colors with a single command or button press. This feature enhances convenience, ambiance, and energy efficiency, offering a seamless and personalized lighting experience for your home.

Schedule Events

Scheduling events in home automation allows you to automate your daily routines effortlessly, including tasks like gardening. With the ability to set timers and schedules for your smart devices, you can create a comfortable and convenient living environment tailored to your lifestyle. Whether it’s turning on irrigation systems, controlling garden lights, or managing other gardening tasks, scheduling events with home automation simplifies your gardening routines and enhances the efficiency of your outdoor space.

Effortless Climate Control

In home automation, controlling your air conditioning (AC) and managing temperature settings has never been easier. With smart AC controllers and temperature sensors, you can remotely adjust your home’s temperature to your liking, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Set schedules to automatically turn the AC on or off at specific times, or use sensors to adjust settings based on room occupancy or outdoor weather conditions. By integrating AC and temperature control into your home automation system, you can enjoy a more comfortable and convenient living space while reducing energy costs.

Gate Automation

Gate automation in home automation offers convenience, security, and efficiency for your home’s entryway. With gate automation, you can remotely open and close your gate using a smartphone or a key fob, eliminating the need for manual operation. This feature enhances security by allowing you to control access to your property and provides convenience by enabling you to manage entry from anywhere. Additionally, gate automation can be integrated with other smart home devices, such as security cameras and intercom systems, for a comprehensive home automation solution.