Our cutting-edge device operates seamlessly across a broad voltage range (AC100V-230V, 50-60 Hz) with a rated power of 180W. It harnesses the power of a Semiconductor Pump Laser for optimal performance. The laser modulation, utilizing TTL technology, ensures precision in operation. At a wavelength of 638nm, our laser light source delivers exceptional quality, making it a reliable choice for various applications. Upgrade your experience with our advanced technolog



Voltage: AC100V~230V, 50~60 Hz

Rated power: 180 W

Laser Light Source: Semiconductor Pump Laser

Laser modulation: TTL

Laser wavelength : 638 nm

Laser power : 3000 mW (R200MWG100MWB200MW)

Laser Color: RGB

Laser system: precision stepper motor scanning system, Y axis swing 240 degrees, X axis laser head can swing.

Laser effect: laser Skynet beam performance, laser flow line effect, laser stroboscopic effect, water stroboscopic effect, etc.

Control mode: sound control, self-walking, DMX512, master-slave effect

DMX access: 11/26/38 channels optional

Usage: indoor

Applicable places: bar, KTV, show bar, dance hall, hotel banquet hall, entertainment, etc.

Working temperature: 20°C~45°C