Our cutting-edge device operates seamlessly across a broad voltage range from AC100V to 230V, accommodating both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies. With a rated power of 150W, this laser system utilizes a Semiconductor Pump Laser as its source, ensuring optimal performance. Laser modulation is achieved through TTL, and the laser wavelength stands at 638 nm, guaranteeing precision and efficiency. Elevate your experiences with our advanced technology.



Voltage: AC100V~230V,  50~60 Hz.

Rated power : 150 W

Laser Light Source: Semiconductor Pump Laser

Laser modulation: TTL

Laser wavelength : 638 nm

Laser power : 3000 mW (500 mW *6pcs)

Laser Color: Red

Laser system: precision stepper motor scanning system,

Y axis swing 240 degrees, X axis laser head can swing.

Laser effect: laser Skynet beam performance, laser flow line effect, laser stroboscopic effect, LED beam sense, water stroboscopic effect, etc.

Control mode: Sound control, self-walking, DMX512, master-slave effect

DMX Channel : 11/19/24 Channels Optional

Usage: indoor

Working temperature : 20°C~45°C